Rose hips provide up to twenty times more vitamin C dosage than citrus fruit. If you aren’t yet convinced of the phenomenal health benefits of this vitamin then keep reading, you soon will be.

Vitamin C nutrition is considered essential for humans and even some animals such as the higher primates and even to small mammals like bats. Deficiency can cause scurvy and in fact did a couple of centuries ago. Many people attributed scurvy to the lack of fresh plant food, yet when the British Navy began feeding their sailors lime juice in 1795, scurvy became a thing of the past, for them at least.

Scurvy lead to liver spots and bleeding from all mucous membranes, those suffering from scurvy were pale, depressed and became partially immobilised. In advance scurvy wounds suppurate and teeth fall out. Death is certain. The human body can only store so much vitamin C which it soon depletes if fresh supplies are not provided. People with a lack of vitamin C are at higher risk to lung borne diseases and this is why smokers should supplement their Vitamin C supply.

Today the western world generally consumes enough vitamin C t Ibutamoren MK-677 sarm  o ward off scurvy, but this doesn’t mean we are in fact getting the recommended dose. Recommended doses of vitamin C are debatable but a good rule of thumb is 133mg per day in males and 120mg per day for females.

Natural sources and medical benefits of Vitamin C
The most common sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits. We need it if we are to follow a healthy diet because it also provides highly effective antioxidants, and it supports numerous physiological functions in our body such as the synthesis of collagen and neurotransmitters which is essential to the development of cartilage and blood vessels and also aids in the prevention of scar tissue.

Antioxidants gained from vitamin C help fight free radicals in our body which help prevent cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and inflammatory diseases.

Rose hips benefits

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