The pack of legitimate Heisman candidates continues to shrink. With this week’s games in the books, it is time to take a look back at the performances of the players competing for this year’s college player of the year award. Still in the hunt for this prize are Ohio State’s Troy Smith, Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn, West Virginia’s Steve Slaton, Rutger’s Ray Rice, Michigan’s Michael Hart, and Tennessee’s Eric Ainge.

Is it unlucky to be the odds-on favorite to win the Heisman? If it is, Ohio State’s Troy Smith is the luckiest player this side of the Mississippi. For weeks many sportswriters have been calling Troy Smith a lock for the Trophy. Week in and week out Troy has responded with consistently efficient and effective play. Consider how this week he was 15 of 23 for 220 yards passing and four touchdowns. With the Buckeyes still at #1 in the BCS and polls, it is hard to put your money on anyone else at this point in the race. However, as we saw last week, Adrian Peterson and Mario Manningham went from Heisman hopefuls to the injured reserve list in a single play. Troy has to know he is being named as this year’s favorite, yet he has maintained  สมัครเว็บตรง ufabet มือถือhis focus and poise. If he continues on that path, he won’t disappoint the odds makers or his fans.

Does the luck of the Irish ever run out? Notre Dame fans were treated to more last-minute heroics on Saturday as Brady Quinn led the Fighting Irish on a final drive culminating in a 45-yard game-winning touchdown pass. Drives like this make the highlight clips and are not soon forgotten by Heisman voters. The question remains, will Brady’s inconsistent play and reliance on Irish miracles be enough to propel him ahead of Ohio State’s Troy Smith? Whether or not he actually claims the prize, Brady Quinn will likely be a finalist in New York later this year.

West Virginia continues its superb play this season, and running back Steve Slaton has a lot to do with that fact. A quick glance at the AP & USA Today polls and BCS rankings will leave no doubt in your mind that West Virginia is for real. As to whether or not Steve’s chances to win the Heisman are real will depend on his personal performances in each of West Virginia’s remaining games. It is time for Steve to make his move if he wants to gain ground on those ahead of him in this race. His next opportunity comes against Lo

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