Its job is to make your video marketing campaign much more effective and profitable by automatically submitting your online videos to more than 15 different websites. As you might already know, videos are a great marketing tool as they can generate a lot of visitors. The links that they create can also help propel your sites’ rankings above your competition. By using this video submission software, I have been able to gain much more traffic to my sites easily.

Many marketers who use videos do not know the hidden potential that other video-sharing sites have. Most only use YouTube as their main marketing channel. It is true that YouTube gets the most visitors, and it is also not surprising that people are not using using other sites considering the much bigger time investment they have to make to submit to other smaller sites. This makes submitting to these small sites not worth the time and effort.

However, this is where Video Submit Wizard can give you a tremendous  linkwizards advantage over other marketers who have the mainstream mindset described above. With this piece of software, I can submit all my videos to all these sites with the click of a button. This has generated a lot more traffic than what YouTube alone can provide. The videos are also able to rank much more easily on these small sharing sites compared to You Tube.

If you want to get more people to your sites, you should comment on other videos that have content relevant to yours. This will increase the chances of them commenting on yours and this is ultimately a win-win situation.

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