There are a number of things we can do proactively to enhance the air quality of our homes. First of all, we should make sure that we clean up after ourselves and declutter our homes regularly. When considering household cleaning, remember that the process includes vacuuming upholstery and carpeting throughout the house. There are special vacuum filters for allergen reduction that can help with this process. There’s much more involved in thorough house cleaning. Hard surfaces require sweeping and mopping, cleaning windows every week is important as well as cleaning baseboards and walls.

The house cleaning process has been described, and now one needs to move on to the products used for house cleaning. We need to remind ourselves that the sometimes harsh chemicals in commercial cleaners can result in breathing difficulty. We should definitely think about switching to the more people and environmentally friendly cleaning products. These include apple cider and white vinegar with hot water. Those chemically treated wipes can be replaced with newspaper and reusable microfiber cloths. If you wish to accept the mission, you can research home made soaps and cleaning products to use safely in your home to help reduce nasty allergens and dust.


You may have already tumbled onto this fact, but if not, you should binnenmilieu definitely eliminate all smoking inside the house. Taking this step will result, not only in cleaner air, but also less dust and dirt. Wouldn’t it be great to have no more yellowed walls and better smelling hair and clothes?

Another proactive step to improve air quality is to add some plants to the home environment. The plants don/t need to be fragile or exotic. Plants can be easy care, basic plants that require minimal care to thrive. Such plants improve the look of your home, and provide oxygen which help the air quality. There are a number of such plants to use. Some of them are Aloe, Snake, Gerber Daises and others that you can research.

Humidity regulation should be a consideration in managing home air quality. For example, if the humidity is too high, it is more difficult to breathe humid air. In addition, humidity that is too low can also make breathing harder. When you regulate humidity, you can breathe better and lessen chances of providing an environment for such negative growths as mold. A humidity

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