Despite the addition of a big name like Beckham, the soccer in the USA is still facing the challenges it has been undergoing for years now; namely the MLS’s challenges include game attendance, level of players, ratings, expansion, stadiums.

The numbers have been declining for years since the MLS’s inception in 1993, and despite a small growth spurt in recent seasons, remains far from reaching the same popularity as the foreign leagues – the support simply isn’t there. Support starts at home, and the U.S. has never advocated soccer like it does other sports. Instead, most [northern] Americans forsake this world-wide religion known as football and instead champion “American” football: the collision sport comprising of big jocks tackling each other and running for glory, hearkening the grueling violence and big-attitudes that comes with the game. Contrary to most Americans, I believe that soccer is as equally, if not more, of a grueling, tough sport requiring exceeding amountสมัครเว็บ ufabet s of endurance than American football. Take into consideration the sheer amount of non-stop running, the level of skill needed to continue the run while making highly-tedious moves, along with the fact that you can’t use your hands in a sport requiring adept depth perception. A soccer-player must play continuously for two 45 minute halves and no “timeouts.” Their team does not consist of separate defense or offense groups, they are on the pitch continuously, making intelligent decisions with every single moves: passing, shooting, defending, none of it mindless, all of it inherently crucial. The amount of cardiovascular fitness, upper body, core and lower body strength really amazes me. And yet, soccer in the US simply isn’t supported locally the way it is in other countries, most of which consider soccer a religion.

Another recurring problem is with ownership of MLS teams. The MLS governs teams under their single-entity make-up, controlling costs by sharing revenues and negotiating players’ contracts. Some say that the MLS is thus biased toward profitable the more factions regarding where players go and how much they get.

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