It is almost everyone’s dream to have a slot machine at their home just like the ones that are used in the international casinos. However, in most of the cases the major problem happens to be high price of these machines that creates a problem in making their dream true.

The arrival of Kiwame Skill Stop Machine in the market has now made it possible to own a stop machine without spending your entire bank balance. The machines are now available for home use and it seems to be a great entertainer for the users along with their family and friends. As the machine features skill stop reels so, it is called a skill stop machine.

The Kiwame Skill Stop Machine is easy to plug right into the wall, and there is no need of any further installation. The user are able enjoy complete access to the machine with the keys affixed. The users can also reset the switch, and they can control the volume through the switches fixed in the machine.

The skill stop machine accepts tokens only, and it is not very easy to transform it to the mode where it will accept coins. The stop machine is equipped with full light and sound effects that the users had once enjoyed in the casinos.

The slot machines are refurbished in the factories, and that is to give them a brand new look. Due to proper treatment in the factories, being second hand the machines are available in good conditions. The machine is first repaired in the factories and all the damages or cracks are checked and filled properly.

Then it is repainted with high quality colors to give it a brand new look. After the painting is over the machines are dried and the technicians install a four or five AMP transformer  situs judi slot online resmi in each machine. After the installation is complete, it is examined to see whether the installed transformer is capable of providing excellent service along with safety or not.

The Kiwame Skill Stop Machine comes with a two-year warranty that covers every machine components, except the light bulbs. The light bulbs are usually replaced and checked in the factories, and if they are damaged then the users are able to purchase them from the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover any kind of damage due to natural disaster or dropping of the machines. The machine is easy to operate with 110-volt AC current that is a requirement for daily households. In case the users need to claim, the warranty then they must have the original bill or important documents along them.

The Kiwame Skill Stop Machine comes with supportive guidebook for the users, and they are able to get solutions through phone any time. The machine also features animated display and video screens that adds fun in slotting.

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